What are the characteristics of stainless steel processing

Stainless steel processing manufacturers believe that the mechanical properties of investment cast stainless steel are higher than cast iron, because of its high melting point, easy oxidation of molten steel, poor liquidity of molten steel, large shrinkage rate, volume shrinkage rate of 10-14%, line shrinkage rate of 1.8-2.5%. In order to prevent defects such as insufficient pouring, cold isolation, shrinkage cavity and porosity, crack and sand adhesion of steel castings, more complex technological measures should be taken than that of cast iron:


Stainless steel processing surface treatment process what?

Stainless steel processing surface treatment process and construction process details, stainless steel processing surface treatment process what? We can common stainless steel surface treatment technology processes are: drawing, mirror, sandblasting, titanium plating, etching, anti-fingerprint, there are many students in the interior decoration of wonderful applications.


Stainless steel processing characteristics

Stainless steel processing characteristics Stainless steel processing characteristics are: high cutting temperature, cutting is not easy to break, easy to combine, cutting force, serious hardening, tool wear. Stainless steel refers to alloy steel with chromium content greater than 12% or nickel content greater than 8%. This steel has China's certain corrosion resistance in atmospheric or corrosive environmental media, and can be used at a higher operating temperature (> 450℃). It has very high strength.


What advantage does stainless steel processing have?

Fiber laser cutting machine is a kind of advanced CNC cutting equipment, which is widely used in industrial production and processing enterprises. In the application process, it can not only meet the needs of efficient processing, but also achieve high precision cutting specifications, which is favored by users. So why is it so popular with users? It is closely related to the advantages of product design itself, and I will introduce and analyze it for you.


The process flow of sheet metal processing

With the development of today's society, sheet metal processing industry is also developing rapidly. Now it involves all walks of life, and there is a certain processing process for any sheet metal, that is, the so-called process. To understand the sheet metal process, you must first understand the choice of sheet metal materials. Then, let's understand the process flow of sheet metal processing.


The characteristics and processing methods of sheet metal processing

In daily life, people should observe and think about the important things in People's Daily life. Chimney, stainless steel barrel, gasoline barrel, ventilation pipe, nozzle and other indispensable things in daily life are made of metal plate. Then, let's understand the characteristics and processing methods of sheet metal processing.


How to identify the quality of chassis cabinet selection methods and skills

Chassis cabinet is very common in the market, it is divided into communication special and power special two categories, it is applied to different working environment, has different effects,


What are the prices of common chassis cabinets

Chassis cabinet is widely used in cabinet network wiring room, floor wiring room, central computer room, data room, control center, monitoring room, monitoring center and other different places, its function is very powerful, not only convenient to install all kinds of equipment, but also can shield electromagnetic interference, orderly orderly arrangement of equipment,
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