How to identify the quality of chassis cabinet selection methods and skills

Chassis cabinet is very common in the market, it is divided into communication special and power special two categories, it is applied to different working environment, has different effects, can not only provide effective space for the power supply host board and a variety of expansion board, to facilitate the use of various panel switch indicator light, so that the operator can more intuitively manipulate or observe the operation of the machine. The quality of the chassis cabinet is directly related to the normal operation and service life of the machine. We should pay more attention to it when choosing and purchasing, and we should be able to understand the methods and skills of its quality identification.

Chassis cabinets are mostly processed with steel plate as the main raw material, that is to say, the quality of steel plate is directly related to their quality, so in the purchase of chassis cabinets, we must look at the thickness of the steel plate, you can see with the naked eye, the thicker the steel plate, the better the quality, the longer its service life, if you can not see the thickness of the steel plate with the naked eye, you can knock the steel plate by hand, Through the sound and state of it when it is knocked, it can be determined that its thickness, if the steel tire protection is found to be particularly thin, it means that the quality of the chassis mechanism is not qualified.

In order to clean the surface of the cabinet in the process of processing and production, in order to avoid corrosion on the surface in use, it will be sprayed with a layer of protective paint on the surface. This layer of paint is also an important basis for identifying their quality. The spray paint must be average and uniform, so as to better prevent rust and dust, and it will look more beautiful. If the paint thickness on the surface is not uniform, and there is a drop or bulge, it indicates that the processing of the chassis cabinet is not reliable, the quality is not up to standard, and it is not an ideal choice.

Chassis architecture layout is also an important basis to identify its quality, good quality chassis cabinet baffle plate to more, and to have a cooling hole, only after the use of convenient machine heat dissipation, ensure the normal operation of the machine, in addition to the installation of cable products and packaging processing, otherwise after the installation of cable, its sharp edge is easy to damage the line. Professional chassis cabinets should also be installed with side wall fans, which should be installed on the back wall of the cabinet. When the machine is working normally, it can help the machine to dissipate heat and avoid the machine to stop working due to high temperature.

The accessories of the chassis cabinet are also very important. They need to meet the installation requirements of the cable with a high belt or a belt with teeth, only in this way can the cable be fixed orderly inside it. Some chassis cabinets also need to fix electrical appliances, and special installation guide rail and installation position are required. Using such products is also not recommended. These are the methods and skills to buy a chassis cabinet, which can make it easy to identify its quality. However, we must put safety and utility in front of the purchase, and cannot buy a chassis cabinet with security risks.

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