The characteristics and processing methods of sheet metal processing

In daily life, people should observe and think about the important things in People's Daily life. Chimney, stainless steel barrel, gasoline barrel, ventilation pipe, nozzle and other indispensable things in daily life are made of metal plate. Then, let's understand the characteristics and processing methods of sheet metal processing.

Sheet metal processing produces various specifications and models of sheet metal. It has brought many changes to our production, clothing, food and living. This sheet metal working has a technical term in the manufacturing industry called sheet metal working. Sheet metal is a cold working technology of steel crafts processing technology, which belongs to steel processing manufacturing industry. According to the international definition of sheet metal, sheet metal is a relatively detailed sheet metal processing technology, which is formed by cutting, cutting, piecing and other processes. For example, people ride thick steel boxes in the streets. That is, follow sheet metal working techniques.

Characteristics of sheet metal processing technology.

Sheet metal is thin steel, so the mass is very light. Sheet metal working is based on cold working technology, so it has high compressive strength and is very hard. In addition, sheet metal is steel, can have good electrical conductivity according to the current. Compared with other steel processing methods, the price has a very good cost performance.

Sheet metal processing applicable scope. Sheet metal processing for electronic and electrical manufacturing of high-precision parts, promote the communication industry, for the automotive industry processing technology manufacturing automotive casings. It is also used in the production and processing of medical devices. In other words, the very wide range of main uses of sheet metal processing has brought a lot of convenience to people's production.

Sheet metal processing methods are:

1. The design unit shall make photos of sheet metal processing parts according to the specified design scheme and display them one by one in 3D to facilitate the processing unit and fully display the actual structure of sheet metal parts.

2. The blanking parts photos are processed. The blanking method is good. In fact, it can be divided into base blanking, high-speed stamping blanking, CNC machine tool blanking, etc.

3. When making rivet, pay attention to its orientation, according to the high-speed press or hydraulic rivet in the sheet metal rivet.

4. The welding should be firm. When welding, the welding surface should be convex, and the surface of the digital plate should be contacted when welding.

5. The key of sheet metal processing is sheet metal bending. The processing sequence of lashen and sheet metal bending is from inside to outside. From small to big. Bend the unique case first, then preferentially select the general case for machining.

6. Metal surface treatment: Recently, according to the customer's requirements, the original film is applied on the surface of sheet metal to improve the coating adhesion. The actual operation of fiber laser cutting automation technology shows that the further improvement of sheet metal processing technology, while maintaining intelligent practical operation, saving labor cost, further improve the work efficiency, increase the total number of manufacturing, and play an obvious role in the future development of sheet metal processing.

The above is the characteristics and processing methods of sheet metal processing. For more information, please feel free to contact us! Our company has many years of experience, looking forward to your joining at any time.


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