Analyze the generation and use of the hut

The analysis cabin may also be called the field analyzer cabin. The analytical shed is a closed structure in which the analyzer is installed, and the operation and maintenance of the analyzer is carried out within the analytical shed.

Because the online analyzer is installed in the industrial site, it needs different degrees of climate and environmental protection to ensure the performance of the instrument and facilitate maintenance.

Since the 1980s, with the rapid development of the national economy and industrial production technology, the country has put forward higher requirements for the safety and environmental protection of the industrial production process. Industrial production should not only ensure product quality, but also greatly reduce production costs. Any delay or negligence in analyzing the information can cause great financial loss. In order to obtain qualified products, petroleum, chemical and other industrial production of quality control requirements gradually increased. It is necessary to monitor and test the production process and grasp the physical and chemical parameters such as composition, content, structure and state in real time. Therefore, it is the mainstream of industrial technology development in the 21st century to provide real-time and rapid monitoring data for industrial processes such as production and processing through online analysis. As the engineering sites of petrochemical enterprises are in the wild, the environmental conditions are changeable all the year round. Therefore, the engineering application of online analysis technology is used in the form of online analysis system. The online analysis system is an analysis cabin system which is mainly integrated by sample handling system, online analysis instrument, safety protection and other public facilities. Most of the petrochemical industry belongs to the typical inflammable and explosive dangerous places, there are many security risks. Therefore, can the online analysis system run safely and stably for a long time? The safety of the entire analysis bay plays a leading role. In view of the explosion-proof safety problems faced by the analysis tank in petrochemical enterprises, this paper discusses the safety measures of the analysis tank deeply, and gives a detailed design scheme based on the transformation project of the online analysis system in a petrochemical enterprise. It mainly includes four parts: first, the selection of explosion-proof electrical equipment in the analysis cabin. According to the physical and chemical properties of inflammable and explosive gas and the actual situation on site, combined with IEC, according to the classification of dangerous areas by NEC and the explosion-proof grade in our national standards, the explosion-proof selection of electrical equipment is completed. Secondly, based on the analysis of the classification results of the dangerous area of the analysis hut, the structure, heating and positive pressure ventilation of the analysis hut are designed and analyzed. Ventilation flow, pipe ID, fan pressure and required BHVAC(load calculation for explosion-proof heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, etc.). Third, analyze the design of cabin security monitoring and interlocking alarm system. Siemens PLC(Programmable logic Controller) is selected as the core controller to complete the hardware selection, installation, alarm signal type selection and alarm value setting of the system, and complete the software programming, debugging and application of the controller according to the results of hardware selection. Fourthly, the field application of the analysis hut is followed up. The results of one year's operation show that the cabin has high safety performance.

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