How is the sheet metal working process? What is the development status of sheet metal processing?

The gradual improvement of sheet metal processing also makes sheet metal processing more and more people's attention. Many people also want to know what are the characteristics of sheet metal processing? The processing plant will provide you with an understanding of the sheet metal processing process and development status.


1. Sheet metal processing technology

1. Fade. The blanking in the processing plant includes two equipment, shear machine and punch press, which mainly cuts the sheet into a single part and stamping into various shapes through the unfolded flat parts.

2. Flanging. Many sheet metal parts need to be machined into deep holes. Basic process and technology new process will be adopted to improve the precision of deep processing and forming effect.

3. Subsequent processing needs to go through the mold forming process, so it plays a role in the cutting and blanking molding, which is an important aspect of the manufacturer's production process.

Second, the development status of sheet metal processing

1. High profits. If laser cutting can reach more than 50%, stamping will also reach about 30%.

2. Easy to use. For the sheet metal processing industry, precision is a common requirement, sheet metal processing plants will be equipped with a variety of equipment to meet different technical requirements, so as to avoid high technical complexity and operational difficulties.

3. Improve production level. China has become a processing and manufacturing base. As metalworking skills continue to improve, both mechanical surgery and electrical control boxes can be done by working sheet metal. Due to the high demand, we are constantly improving the technology of the processing industry.

How to evaluate the quality of a custom sheet metal cabinet? The processing directly affects the quality of the cabinet. Box steel plate edge processing, no burr, sharp edge, burr and other phenomena, exposed Angle folding, not easy to scratch the installation personnel. The positioning of each slot is also relatively accurate, which does not create awkward situations where accessories cannot be installed or are incorrect.

1. Look at the steel plate. The steel plate is very thick. Tap it with your finger to feel which is thick and which is thin.

2. Check the paint. There shall be qualified product cabinets. All steel should be evenly painted to prevent rust and dust.

3. View the structure layout. Generally speaking, multiple baffles have heat dissipation holes. To protect the cable from damage, some iron sheet should be used to wrap the edges. The sidewall fan should be installed at the rear of the cabinet because it generates a lot of heat.

4. Please pay attention to the attachment. Devices to be installed include network cables, communication cables, and power cables. To secure the cables to the cabinet in an orderly manner, you need to purchase shackles or tooth belts. If the box is equipped with a cable handling module, the cable can be directly fixed on the vertical mounting track, the effect is better.

Look at this glass. Thicken the glass and notice if there are cracks around the glass. If there are cracks, there is a hidden danger, and pay attention to whether there are difficulties.

6. From a functional perspective: Safety is important.

7. Check the radiator and assess the heat of the device. Generally, there are two or four fans at the top of the cabinet, which has many advantages. Enough screws and nuts are needed to secure the frame. It will not cause the problem of insufficient parts due to late expansion.


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