What is the difference between sheet metal processing and hardware processing?

Today, I'd like to talk to you about the difference between sheet metal processing and hardware processing. Sheet metal working and metal working are certainly different, but fundamentally different. Let's take a look.

Sheet metal introduction: Sheet metal refers to the processing skills of sheet metal of uniform thickness. There is a big difference between sheet metal processing and hardware, which mainly involves production processes such as cutting, stamping, folding, welding and gluing. Hardware naturally includes sheet metal and various sheet metal parts.

What is sheet metal working? Stamping is a common method in sheet metal processing. Stamping process can be roughly divided into two categories: process and forming process.

1. The separation process refers to that in the stamping process, the stamping parts and the blank are separated from each other along a certain contour line, and the quality of the stamping parts separation section should also meet certain requirements, which is determined by the needs of customers in the early stage.

2. The forming process is to make the stamping blank plastic deformation without damage, and transform it into the desired shape of the finished product. At the same time, it should also meet the needs of scale, public services and so on.

Sheet metal is a summary of sheet metal cold working techniques, including shearing, stamping/cutting/compounding, folding, welding, riveting, splicing, forming, etc. The remarkable feature is the thickness of the same parts. Generally speaking, the basic equipment includes shearing machine, CNC punch, plasma, water jet cutting machine, compounding machine, bending machine and various auxiliary equipment, such as uncoiling machine, leveling machine, deburring machine, spot welding machine and so on.

Hardware introduction: Hardware refers to gold, silver, copper, iron, tin five kinds of metal materials general name. Hardware is the mother of industry and the foundation of national defense. Goods produced from hardware materials are usually divided into large hardware and small hardware. Hardware refers to steel plate, steel bar, flat steel, universal Angle steel, channel steel, I-beam and various types of steel. Small hardware refers to construction hardware, iron sheet, lock nails, wire, wire mesh, wire scissors, household hardware, various items, etc. From the nature and use of hardware, it should be divided into eight categories: steel, non-ferrous metal materials, machine parts, driving parts, auxiliary parts, working parts, building hardware and household hardware. Each piece of hardware has a different purpose and function and can be selected according to your needs.

So, what is the typical cost of sheet metal processing?

1. Sheet metal raw material cost: The net cost of sheet metal materials required by sheet metal drawings is calculated based on sheet metal expansion area, thickness and density.

2. Cost of hardware accessories: such as rivets, nameplates, screws, etc.

3. Workpiece processing cost: sheet metal processing is the cost of manpower and mechanical equipment. The cost varies according to the machine and equipment used for different sheet metal parts.

4. Freight: After the processing and packaging of sheet metal parts is completed, the manufacturer will transport them to the customer, including the transportation cost.

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Stainless steel processing some knowledge points

Stainless steel processing manufacturers think that stainless steel plate although excellent performance, widely used in the field of industrial processing, but its stamping performance is weak, the surface is easy to scratch, mold is easy to form sticky tumors, which will greatly affect the stamping quality and production efficiency. Therefore, when stamping stainless steel plate, it is necessary to improve the quality of the workpiece and the life of the mold from the Angle of mold structure, mold material, heat treatment, lubrication, so as to better solve the problems of stainless steel plate stamping.

What are the methods of sheet metal processing

Various processes can be completed through sheet metal processing. For example, in the processing of hardware products, this process can be used for processing and production. At the same time, it can complete the processing of various small parts, and also can realize the processing output. In terms of cost control, the standard is more reasonable, so many industries take it seriously.

Application field of sheet metal processing industry

Sheet metal processing is actually the processing of metal products, and more importantly, the transformation of metal plate to achieve its use in many different places. The process includes stamping, cutting and cutting to change the characteristics and shape of the metal. The application of this technology not only brings great convenience to people's life, but also promotes the development of our country's mechanical industry. For the sheet metal processing industry, there are many aspects of understanding that can be applied.

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