Stainless steel processing characteristics

Stainless steel processing characteristics

Stainless steel processing characteristics are: high cutting temperature, cutting is not easy to break, easy to combine, cutting force, serious hardening, tool wear. Stainless steel refers to alloy steel with chromium content greater than 12% or nickel content greater than 8%. This steel has China's certain corrosion resistance in atmospheric or corrosive environmental media, and can be used at a higher operating temperature (> 450℃). It has very high strength.


Detail processing characteristics of stainless steel

1. High cutting temperature

The deformation of plastic material and the friction with the cutting tool have great influence on the cutting heat. A large amount of cutting heat is concentrated on the interface between cutting zone and tool, and the technical condition of heat dissipation is poor. Under the same economic conditions, the cutting working temperature is about 200℃ higher than 45 steel.

2, cutting is not easy to break, easy to bond

Stainless steel has good plasticity and toughness. Under high temperature and pressure, stainless steel and other metals have a strong affinity, easy to cause adhesion, the formation of tumor accumulation, not only aggravate tool wear, but also cause tearing. Deterioration of a processed surface. This feature is more obvious for martensitic stainless steel with lower carbon content.

3. Large cutting force

Stainless steel in the cutting process has a large plastic deformation, especially austenitic stainless steel (elongation >45# steel 1.5 times), which increases the cutting force. At the same time through the stainless steel work hardening development is serious, high thermal strength, further research increases the cutting resistance, chip crimping and chip breaking is also more economic difficulties.

4. Serious work hardening

In stainless steel, the phenomenon of work hardening is more prominent in austenitic and biphasic (austenitic ferrite) stainless steel. Due to the large plasticity of stainless steel, in the cutting process of lattice deformation, strengthening coefficient is large, austenite is not stable enough, part of austenite under the action of cutting stress into martensite, complex impurities under the action of cutting heat is easy to decompose, forming a dispersed distribution, thus forming hardening plastic deformation in the cutting process.

5. Tools are easy to wear

The affinity in the process of stainless steel cutting makes the combination and diffusion between the tool, so that the tool produces combined wear and diffusion wear, leading to the front of the tool surface crescence, cutting edge produces tiny spalling and clearance; In addition, the hardness of carbide (such as TiC) particles in stainless steel is very high. When cutting directly with the tool contact, friction, scratch the tool, machining surface hardening, will aggravate the wear of the tool material.

Above is all the characteristics of stainless steel processing. We hope that after understanding the characteristics of stainless steel, the processing characteristics of stainless steel should be strictly handled to prevent mechanical failures and safety accidents in the process of processing.

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