What are the prices of common chassis cabinets

Chassis cabinet is widely used in cabinet network wiring room, floor wiring room, central computer room, data room, control center, monitoring room, monitoring center and other different places, its function is very powerful, not only convenient to install all kinds of equipment, but also can shield electromagnetic interference, orderly orderly arrangement of equipment, convenient for people to maintain and test the equipment. The commonly used chassis cabinets are white, black, and gray. (which is divided into many types, such as orange, fine sand, etc.); According to the material of the cabinet, there are aluminum cabinet, cold rolled steel plate cabinet, hot rolled steel plate cabinet; According to the processing technology, there are nine fold profile cabinet and 16 fold cabinet and other kinds of.

Common case cabinet has a common profile structure, there are thin plate structure, and thermal insulation case cabinet and spray case cabinet, he is a relatively large family, the size and specifications are different, and the internal parts of the products used in different places are not the same, so in understanding the price of this kind of products and can not get a unified figure, To determine the specific size and function of the product you need, and then negotiate with the manufacturer in detail.
Pangyi Metal Products Co., Ltd. can provide customers with relatively accurate quotation of chassis and cabinets, because it is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of chassis and cabinets. It has its own production line and design team, which can meet customers' different needs for such products. They will give specific quotation according to the products customers need, the materials used in the products and the functions of the products. The price of the chassis cabinet is closely related to the materials they use. The steel plate used for ordinary products will be painted on the surface and the better quality products are made of stainless steel. If it has thermal insulation function in the processing process, the production cost will be higher and the price sold in the market will be higher.
When some enterprises purchase chassis cabinets, they find that the finished products sold on the market cannot meet their needs. They also need to contact the manufacturers for customization. This is the price of the products sold on the market, so they cannot meet the requirements for customized products. According to the size of the product and the number of materials and the complexity of the process to determine. But when customizing, we must choose regular enterprises with strong production capacity, and have our own design team. When customers put forward customization requirements, we can make accurate design drawings according to customers' requirements. After getting the customer's confirmation, we will produce samples, and then let the customer confirm. After the customer's confirmation, we can carry out mass production.

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