How to calculate sheet metal processing costs, sheet metal factory necessary

How about sheet metal processing costs? For sheet metal company customers and suppliers are very concerned about this problem, are very worried about their price is reasonable. In order to know whether the price is reasonable, it is necessary to have a cost accounting personnel, must understand sheet metal processing technology to achieve control.。


Main equipment and process flow of steel structure welding

Steel structure refers to the steel structure, is one of the main types of building structure. The structure is mainly composed of steel beams, steel columns and steel trusses made of section steel and steel plates. Parts or parts are usually joined by welds, bolts, or rivets. Because of its light weight and simple construction, it is widely used in large factories, stadiums, high-rise buildings and other fields.


Laser cutting features advantages you don't know?

Mainly used for cutting the plate into the required shape of the workpiece laser processing machine, but also the use of laser beam heat energy to complete the cutting equipment. When laser cutting sheet metal, material material production and processing light refraction can be achieved according to the focal point of the lens high efficiency energy relative density,


Stainless steel plate how to properly scrub and maintain?

Stainless steel has always been surface protected, most people do not know how to clean and maintain stainless steel. More just a simple detergent and rag scrub clean, but what you don't know is that when you do this, can lead to the stainless steel surface of the protective layer is destroyed,


What materials should be used for sheet metal processing?

The decorative and protective effect of sheet metal processing process surface treatment on the product surface is recognized by many industries. The materials commonly used in sheet metal processing are cold rolled sheet (SPCC), hot rolled sheet (SHCC), galvanized sheet (SECC, SGCC),


Application of laser cutting in sheet metal industry

Laser cutting in many areas of the sheet metal industry need to be cut, the use of laser cutting is a good choice. Laser cutting is currently the world's advanced cutting technology, because it has precision manufacturing, flexible cutting, special-shaped processing, a forming, fast speed, high efficiency, so in the industrial production to solve many conventional methods can not solve the problem, laser can cut most metal materials and non-metallic materials. Laser cutting processing here to talk about the application of laser cutting technology.


General term for stainless steel sheet

We call the stainless steel plate, stainless steel plate is generally stainless steel plate and acid-resistant steel plate. Coming out at the beginning of this century,


Sheet metal processing manufacturers: For you to talk about sheet metal processing

In fact, sheet metal processing can also be called sheet metal processing. Specific application examples in daily life are mainly: using sheet metal to make some commonly used appliances in life: chimney, iron barrel, oil tank and oil jug. For objects
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