Stainless steel plate how to properly scrub and maintain?

Stainless steel has always been surface protected, most people do not know how to clean and maintain stainless steel. More just a simple detergent and rag scrub clean, but what you don't know is that when you do this, can lead to the stainless steel surface of the protective layer is destroyed, but it does not play a role in maintenance, but it shortens its service life. Therefore, whether it is stainless steel wire drawing plate or mirror stainless steel, how to properly maintain various types of stainless steel? Method I will tell you again, as follows: Usually, what we most see is a layer of dirt on the surface of colored stainless steel, most of the dirt is dust, after a long time accumulation, dust, stain accumulation, so we must prepare a special stainless steel surface cleaner and relatively thin.

1. Regular maintenance of detergent

After the use of stainless steel decorative plate in a slightly humid air environment for a period of time, the surface will be attached to a large number of dust impurities, easy to cause electrochemical reaction, accelerate the corrosion of materials. It is recommended that you use a special cleaner to clean the surface and then dry it with a dry rag for a month. The most important thing is to keep the surface of the board dry and cool.

Stainless steel rust prevention

2. Wax

If you want to extend the maintenance period, this is not difficult. After we finish the regular maintenance of the cleaner, we can choose to wax the stainless steel surface. The waxing treatment is the equivalent of adding a simple rust-proof layer to the surface of stainless steel, but the results only last about three months and are not expensive, as few as 10 or 20 at a time.

3. Surface treatment process

Although stainless steel has some resistance to corrosion, it will eventually rust. The surface treatment process is equivalent to the original performance. Add a rust-proof layer. The effect is similar to waxing. But the rust-proof layer is always there, and the process in question is electroplating.

In the other case, stainless steel already in use rusts slightly because it has not been maintained for some time. What should I do? Here's how:

1. Special rust remover

There are many stainless steel or metal rust removers on the market. It's not expensive. If you use tens of dollars or a bottle, you can use more than half a year to react with the rust in the rust remover. Rust removal is the simplest and most straightforward method.

2, white vinegar rust removal method

This method has the same effect as the above method. It is worth noting that this method is suitable for stainless steel products with higher frequency of daily use (stainless steel pot, stainless steel pot, stainless steel tableware, etc.), the first white vinegar into them, according to 1: pour 1 water and heat to boil, so that rust will be diluted after decomposition, and then clean with a clean ball. The stainless steel surface will be as bright as new. The above can play a large role in the maintenance of stainless steel, can be saved and used.

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