Laser cutting features advantages you don't know?

Mainly used for cutting the plate into the required shape of the workpiece laser processing machine, but also the use of laser beam heat energy to complete the cutting equipment. When laser cutting sheet metal, material material production and processing light refraction can be achieved according to the focal point of the lens high efficiency energy relative density, and depends on the thermoelectric effect of light. Laser cutting work, production and processing speed is faster, surface deformation is small, can produce and process a variety of raw materials. Laser production and processing of raw materials, such as cutting holes, laser cutting, welding, heat treatment process. Some raw materials with sub-stationary electron levels digest and absorb solar energy when they excite exophotonics, so that the total number of molecules with high electron level exceeds the total number of molecules with low electron level - the number of particle turnover. If a beam of light is direct, its kinetic energy is the same as the relative error between each other, which will cause radiation source.

Advantages of laser processing:

In terms of the main uses of global laser products, raw material production and processing industry is still the key application store, accounting for 35.2%. Telecommunications companies ranked high, accounting for 30.6 percent; In addition, the data storage and manufacturing industry occupies the third place, accounting for 12.6 percent. Compared with traditional production and processing technology, laser cutting and processing technology has the advantages of less raw material consumption, significant cost effectiveness of large-scale products and strong adaptability to production and processing targets. In Europe, laser equipment is used to weld materials such as car casings and bases, aircraft wings and space shuttle casings.

Laser sheet metal processing plant belongs to non-touch production and processing, the kinetic energy and movement rate of higher energy laser can be adjusted, and a variety of production and processing objectives can be completed. It can produce and process a variety of metallic materials and non-metallic materials, very high toughness, high ductility and high solubility of raw materials. Laser cutting processing has a very large coordination capacity, the key to laser cutting, metal surface treatment, welding, marking and stamping die. Laser metal surface treatment includes laser modified hardening, laser cladding, laser surface fine crystal strengthening and laser surface melting.


Laser cutting machine refers to the laser beam irradiation on the surface of the workpiece when the release of energy to melt and transpiration of the workpiece, has reached the intention of cutting and carving. It is the use of the laser beam emitted from the laser generator, through the optical path system, and then gathered into a high power laser beam, laser heat is absorbed by the workpiece data, workpiece temperature rises sharply, after reaching the boiling point, the data began to vaporize and constitute a hole, with the high pressure air flow, with the beam does not move the relative position of the workpiece, finally make the data constitute the slit.

Detailed laser cutting details:

Laser cutting is done by focusing a high power laser beam. Under the control of the computer, after the pulse laser discharge, and then the output of controlled repeated high frequency pulsed laser, constitute a certain frequency, a certain pulse width of the beam, the pulse laser beam through the light path conduction and reflection and through the gathering lens group gathered on the surface of the processing object, constitute a thin, high energy density spot, the focal spot is located near the surface to be processed, Data to be processed by instantaneous high temperature melting or vaporization. A high-energy laser pulse instantly sputters a tiny hole in the surface of an object. A computer controls the mechanical movement of the laser head in a preset shape, thus machining the object into the desired shape.

Components of laser cutting and starting:

1. Machine tool host part: laser cutting machine part, complete the X, Y, Z axis of the movement of the mechanical part, including cutting operation channels.

(2) Laser generator: device for generating laser light source.

(3) External optical path: the refracting mirror is used to guide the laser to the required direction.

(4) CNC system: control the machine tool to complete the X, Y, Z axis movement, but also control the output power of the laser.

⑸ Regulated power supply: connected between the laser, CNC machine power supply system.

⑹ It mainly includes cavity, concentrated lens seat, concentrated mirror, capacitive sensor and auxiliary gas nozzle parts.

⑺ Operates the operation of the operating system.

⑻ Cool the laser generator

(9) Gas cylinders, including laser cutting start-up medium gas and auxiliary cylinders, used to make up for the laser vibration of the industrial gas and auxiliary gas supply for the beginning of cutting.

10 Air compressors and storage tanks: provide and store compressed air.

(11) Air cooling dryers, filters: used to supply clean dry air to laser generators and beam pathways, in order to adhere to the normal operation of pathways and mirrors.

(12) Air removal and dust removal machine: extract dust and dust during processing, and filter treatment, to make exhaust gas emissions in line with environmental protection standards.

(13) Slag discharge machine: remove the residual material and waste occurred during processing. Metal laser cutting boot advantages:

High precision; High speed; The heat affected zone is small and easy to deform. High cost performance; The operation cost is very low; The subsequent maintenance cost is very low; Function is stable, can insist to continue production.

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