How to calculate sheet metal processing costs, sheet metal factory necessary

How about sheet metal processing costs? For sheet metal company customers and suppliers are very concerned about this problem, are very worried about their price is reasonable. In order to know whether the price is reasonable, it is necessary to have a cost accounting personnel, must understand sheet metal processing technology to achieve control.。



Xiaobian in this own company as an example to explain, my company is Chengruifeng Technology Company, main precision hardware and deep sheet metal, because of different processing equipment into hardware processing and sheet metal processing. Let's talk about sheet metal processing. The cost accounting method of sheet metal parts is roughly the same. The price of the product = material fee + processing fee + surface trim fee + various taxes + profit. The specific price is determined according to the drawings. The algorithm of sheet metal processing costs is:




1. Cost of materials; Determine the type and grade of the material according to the drawings. For example, the SECC material is divided into SECC-MDI or NSECC-QSI, and the grade is AL5052, AL1068, AL1060, etc. (Pay attention to whether it is special steel or imported material, etc.). The calculation method of material cost is to expand the volume * density * material price, which is the material cost

2. Processing fee; According to the technical difficulty of the drawing, the processing coefficient is given. The given coefficient multiplied by the material cost is the value of the processing cost. The process is laser, CNC stamping, CNC bending, riveting, welding, grinding, cleaning, etc. (in 2006, the standard is laser 600 yuan/hour, the number of punching is 500 yuan/hour, etc., not one list)

3. Freight; Charge according to delivery standard (the current city standard is 200~500 yuan per trip);

4. Taxes and fees; Taxes paid to the local government and the state are 1 percent and 16 percent, respectively

5. Management fee: The management fee is generally within the range of 10~15%

The above five points are how to calculate the cost of sheet metal processing. I hope to help visitors.

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