Application of laser cutting in sheet metal industry

Laser cutting in many areas of the sheet metal industry need to be cut, the use of laser cutting is a good choice. Laser cutting is currently the world's advanced cutting technology, because it has precision manufacturing, flexible cutting, special-shaped processing, a forming, fast speed, high efficiency, so in the industrial production to solve many conventional methods can not solve the problem, laser can cut most metal materials and non-metallic materials. Laser cutting processing here to talk about the application of laser cutting technology.


Laser cutting

1. Craft gifts: You can carve all kinds of exquisite patterns and words on wood, bamboo, marble, organic board, two-color board, leather and other materials to make crafts and souvenirs.

2, building model production industry: carving/cutting models of walls, doors and Windows, roofs, ground, vegetation, etc.

3, signs, signs, MEDALS: can be carved/cut in two color board, wood products, coated metal and other materials, the background pattern of different gray levels automatically produce different "color leakage" effect, especially suitable for coloring or painting, very widely used.

4, clothing processing: can be in the leather, clothing processing industry to carry out any complex pattern of cutting, cutting, engraving, hollow; Computer embroidery cutting.

5, wood, furniture: can be in a variety of bamboo, wood, furniture on the pattern, text engraving and so on.

6, plexiglass cutting: use plexiglass material to do cutting, smooth edge without polishing again.

7, image engraving: unique fine graphic engraving and image engraving skills, similar products unparalleled. You can carve realistic photos on bamboo and wood products, acrylic, leather, marble, crystal and other materials.

8. Spherical and cylindrical carving: You can carve 360 degrees on the spherical and cylindrical body to meet your personalized needs

9. Other industries: engraving and marking required by printing and packaging, decoration, electronics, electrical appliances, plastic products, food and medicine industries, etc

Laser cutting has become an essential processing equipment in sheet metal industry.

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