Analyze the difference between 304 stainless steel decorative pipe and seamless pipe

How do you look at the difference between decorative tube and seamless tube?

Today we share the difference between 304 stainless steel decorative pipe and seamless pipe.

1. Welding. Stainless steel decorative pipes are basically welded pipes. There will be a weld on the inner wall of the pipe, but the seamless pipe is as seamless as its name suggests.

2. Thickness. Stainless steel decorative pipe wall thickness uniform, high internal and external gloss, thickness can be made into thin tube, can also be made into thick tube. However, seamless tubes tend to have uneven thickness and relatively low glossiness, collectively known as thicker wall thickness.

304 stainless steel trim pipe

3. Use. Seamless pipe is mainly industrial pipe. Because they are industrial pipes, the surface requirements are not strict, and there will be no visible spots. Decorative pipe is widely used, mainly in the field of decorative welding, but with the decoration of stainless steel pipe process is getting better and better, some thick wall decorative pipe will replace some seamless pipe, seamless pipe general length is indefinite.

4. Surface. Seamless pipe surface requirements are not strict, stainless steel decorative pipe surface treatment requirements are stricter.

In the isolation of oxygen environment to achieve oxygen free welding, so that the production of stainless steel tube inner wall weld will form a white line, in the use of the weld is not easy to rust and burst. Without this protection, it will cause a black line in the weld due to high temperature oxidation, and it is easy to rust in use.

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