A variety of connection methods and options for sheet metal working structural parts

The only way to form the structural parts of sheet metal processing is to connect. All kinds of parts are connected into the overall structure according to a certain structural form and corresponding position. Usually, mechanical connection methods such as biting, threaded connection and expansion are adopted, or welding and bonding are adopted.


Stainless steel plate manufacturers tell you why 304 stainless steel plate can occur oxidation phenomenon

Although there are two words in the name of stainless steel "rust", but in the final analysis, it is just a kind of steel, since it is steel, there is no absolutely no oxidation reaction, Pang Yi metal Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Xiaobian here to share with you why oxidation occurs.


How to purchase regular stainless steel plate

In sheet metal processing, machining process how to choose the right material, to today, stainless steel plate has existed for more than 90 years of history. Its surface is smooth, has good plasticity, toughness and mechanical strength


304 stainless steel plate surface treatment should pay attention to which aspects

Sheet metal processing, stainless steel processing, stainless steel products, 304 stainless steel plate surface treatment should pay attention to which aspects? The surface quality of 304 stainless steel plate is mainly determined by the pickling process after heat treatment. If the surface oxide skin formed by the previous heat treatment process is thick, or the organization is not uniform, the pickling can not improve the surface finish and uniformity. Therefore, we should pay full attention to the heating of heat treatment or surface cleaning before heat treatment.

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