Stainless steel plate manufacturers tell you why 304 stainless steel plate can occur oxidation phenomenon

Although there are two words in the name of stainless steel "rust", but in the final analysis, it is just a kind of steel, since it is steel, there is no absolutely no oxidation reaction, Pang Yi metal Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Xiaobian here to share with you why oxidation occurs.

1. Improper use

At present, most stainless steel products on the market produce oxidation reaction rust causes are directly related to user use, due to some users in daily use of the product wrong use or product damage to a certain extent, so that the product surface protective film lost effectiveness.

2, the process is not good

Due to the poor process or the inadvertent negligence of the operator in the production process, the protective oxide film on the surface of the product is incomplete and the formation effect is insufficient, resulting in the REDOX reaction between oxygen and some elements in the product during the use of the product.

3. Unscrupulous manufacturers

Some unscrupulous manufacturers in order to reduce costs, reduce some important anti-oxidation elements, and a large number of other elements to replace, this way will not only have a significant impact on the quality of the product, but also make the antioxidant performance in a straight line. Pang Yi metal for this unscrupulous manufacturer's behavior is very contemptuous, we need to be careful when purchasing.

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