304 stainless steel plate surface treatment should pay attention to which aspects

Sheet metal processing, stainless steel processing, stainless steel products, 304 stainless steel plate surface treatment should pay attention to which aspects? The surface quality of 304 stainless steel plate is mainly determined by the pickling process after heat treatment. If the surface oxide skin formed by the previous heat treatment process is thick, or the organization is not uniform, the pickling can not improve the surface finish and uniformity. Therefore, we should pay full attention to the heating of heat treatment or surface cleaning before heat treatment.

If the surface oxide thickness of the stainless steel plate is not uniform, the substrate metal surface finish under the thick and thin places is different, and the surface and pickling surface oxide dissolution and oxide attachment parts of the substrate metal by acid erosion degree is different, so the surface of the steel plate is not uniform. Therefore, during heat treatment, it must be evenly formed into oxide skin. To achieve this requirement, attention must be paid to the following issues:

1 Stainless steel plate if the workpiece surface is heated with oil, the thickness of the oxide skin of the oil attachment part and the thickness and composition of the oxide skin of other parts are different, and will produce carburization. The carburized part of the subcutaneous matrix metal will be seriously eroded by acid. The oil droplets from the heavy oil burner during super initial combustion will also have great influence if they are attached to the workpiece. The operator's fingerprints are also affected when attached to the workpiece. Therefore, do not use hands to touch stainless steel parts, do not make the workpiece stained with new oil. Clean gloves must be worn during operation.

2. If there is lubricating oil attached to the surface of the workpiece during cold processing, it must be fully degreased in trichloroethylene degreaser and caustic soda solution and then cleaned with warm water, and then heat treatment. The brick, asbestos and so on, which constitute the platform used for heating the workpiece, if it contains water, when heating, the water will evaporate, and the atmosphere of the part directly in contact with the water vapor will be different from that of other parts, and the formation of oxide skin will of course be different. Therefore, the object in direct contact with the heating workpiece must be fully dried before it can be used. However, after drying such as placed at room temperature, in the case of high humidity, water will still condense on the surface of the workpiece. So, super good to dry before use.

3 stainless steel plate if the local treatment parts have residual oxide skin before heat treatment, after heating the residual parts of oxide skin and no oxide skin, there will be differences in the thickness and composition of oxide skin, cause the surface is not uniform after pickling, so not only pay attention to the final heat treatment, but also pay full attention to the intermediate heat treatment and pickling.

4 Gas or oil flame direct contact with the stainless steel surface and no contact place produced by the oxide skin is different. Therefore, when heating must make the processing parts do not directly contact the flame mouth.

5. Different surface cleanliness, even if the same heating, the rough and fine surface oxidation skin is different. For example, in the local defect after cleaning place and not cleaning place, the formation of oxide skin condition is different, so that the surface of the workpiece after pickling is not uniform. 6 stainless steel plate if there is debris on the surface, especially organic matter or ash attached to the workpiece, heating will of course have an effect on the oxide skin. 7 Differences in the atmosphere of stainless steel plate furnace furnace atmosphere is different in each part, the formation of oxide skin will also change, which is also the cause of uneven pickling. Therefore, when heating, the atmosphere in each part of the furnace must be the same. For this reason, the circulation of atmosphere must also be considered. Metal processing, stainless steel processing, welding processing, sheet metal processing

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