How to quote sheet metal processing?

Sheet metal processing has been widely used in our industrial production and daily life. In particular, due to the relatively developed industry in Kunshan area, there are still many enterprises engaged in sheet metal processing. So why are many companies also engaged in sheet metal processing? Some businesses are thriving, while others are going bust.


Especially for those who are poorly managed sheet metal processing enterprises, the operator is very diligent. Why? They think their skill and service level is no worse than others. Why should they face the consequences of being eliminated from the market? In fact, in our sheet metal processing industry, we need not only excellent technology, but also our business management.

In fact, our quotation for sheet metal processing depends a lot on our experience. If the production process is complicated, the quotation should be higher. In addition, the customer's production cycle is relatively tight and requires special catch-up, which will also have a slight impact on our quotation. Nowadays many people think that online quotation software is very good. Xiaobian reminds you not to rely too much on sheet metal processing quotation software, because the market situation of sheet metal processing is also changing. Software isn't people. They don't think. We should make reasonable adjustments in light of the actual situation.

In sheet metal processing, welding, threading, riveting and bonding are the main workers of sheet metal connection. Our company chooses the connection mode: welding, thread connection and riveting

1. Welding refers to the process in which sheet metal parts are partially or completely heated in the process of sheet metal processing, or welded parts are plastic deformed, or heating and plastic deformation are combined to complete the permanent connection. It can be divided into: technical arc welding, gas shielded arc welding, laser welding, gas welding, sectional welding and contact welding

A. Gas maintenance arc welding During gas maintenance arc welding, the electrode arc area and welding pool are under the maintenance of the maintenance gas, argon gas is selected to keep the weld surface free of oxides and inclusions, welding can be carried out in any space direction, and the weld forming process can be investigated and adjusted by naked eye, high production efficiency, oxygen maintenance welding cost is moderate and low

B. Contact welding

Contact welding is a welding method in which the connector is heated instantaneously under melting or non-melting conditions to pressurize the welded part and form a welded joint. It can be divided into butt welding, spot welding and seam welding

2. Threaded connection

The threaded connection has the advantages of simple equipment, convenient disassembly and simple operation. It is commonly used for detachable steel structural connections and can be divided into threaded and bolted connections

3. Riveting

Riveting is a method of connecting metal structural parts or assemblies with rivets. There are many kinds of rivets. In sheet metal working, rivets are related to closed round head blind rivets, closed countersunk head blind rivets, open round head blind rivets and open countersunk head blind rivets.

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What is the difference between sheet metal processing and hardware processing?

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