What problems should you pay attention to in sheet metal bending?

As the industry continues to develop, we know a lot of processing techniques, and we still use these processing techniques. This is sheet metal working. What should I pay attention to when bending sheet metal?


1. Before starting the machine, check whether the machine is dangerous;

2. When opening the equipment, do not reach out from the knife edge of the bending machine to adjust the rear gear, but directly behind the equipment to adjust;

3. When processing parts, the human body should be outside the moving range of parts, so as not to scratch the human body;

4. When processing large workpiece, the human body should stand on the side of the workpiece to operate, while holding the workpiece, to avoid damage or damage;

5. In case of emergency, shut down the machine immediately;

6. When operating close to the knife edge, both hands should lean on the appropriate position of the lower die to avoid fingers accidentally extending into the knife edge;

7. When the sheet metal is bent, place the sheet metal to keep the hand balance of the machine tool;

8. The bent knife should not be placed on or leaned on the bending machine to avoid slipping and hurting people.

Whether it is sheet metal processing, sheet metal or handicrafts, more or less there will be material loss.

Sheet metal processing enterprises will have material loss when processing the workpiece, whether it is outsourced or processed by themselves, but the loss is forgivable within a reasonable range, and additional materials can be used:

1. Can be used to make small objects or small products;

2. For materials that cannot be used, find specialized enterprises to recycle or sell them to suppliers selling materials to offset part of the cost. These enterprises usually have specific methods to deal with these problems and reproduce scrap iron into new coils for recycling.

In order to avoid serious material loss in the later period, the workpiece can be designed according to the area of accurate calculation. Generally, there will be a professional sheet metal machining design team. Accurate design, layout and cutting can avoid further material loss.

In general, when we use the machine for a long time in the future, we should protect it because it can make it last longer, but what methods should we use to make precision sheet metal working more convenient?

Then we had to scrub him with a cloth to fix the loose parts. In addition, we also need to protect machine tools and equipment, just like rust-proof treatment for relatively simple areas, or rust-proof and dust-proof certain areas. After surface treatment, the exposed part of the rust is very important. Then we need to check the whole system to see if it's working properly. In short, we need to do the above points to make precision sheet metal processing more and more convenient. If you have more details, you can contact us directly.

The key technology of CO2 laser cutting is the integrated induction technology of light, electricity and machine. In addition, Kunshan Jiexiang Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. believes that some related parameters and equipment of laser will directly affect the power and quality of laser cutting, especially cutting parts with high precision or large thickness. It is necessary to master the following key skills.

First, we need to protect the damaged power lines. If the damage is serious, we will replace the wire directly. Some brushes have contact problems or are more damaged and need to be replaced. At the same time, precision sheet metal machining using high pressure air flow for finishing, internal dust clean. Check the card head and key for distortion.

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Stainless steel processing manufacturers think that stainless steel plate although excellent performance, widely used in the field of industrial processing, but its stamping performance is weak, the surface is easy to scratch, mold is easy to form sticky tumors, which will greatly affect the stamping quality and production efficiency. Therefore, when stamping stainless steel plate, it is necessary to improve the quality of the workpiece and the life of the mold from the Angle of mold structure, mold material, heat treatment, lubrication, so as to better solve the problems of stainless steel plate stamping.

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Various processes can be completed through sheet metal processing. For example, in the processing of hardware products, this process can be used for processing and production. At the same time, it can complete the processing of various small parts, and also can realize the processing output. In terms of cost control, the standard is more reasonable, so many industries take it seriously.

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Sheet metal processing is actually the processing of metal products, and more importantly, the transformation of metal plate to achieve its use in many different places. The process includes stamping, cutting and cutting to change the characteristics and shape of the metal. The application of this technology not only brings great convenience to people's life, but also promotes the development of our country's mechanical industry. For the sheet metal processing industry, there are many aspects of understanding that can be applied.

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