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Sheet metal material: carbon steel, stainless steel sheet metal thickness (mm) : 1-10mm processing size/length * width * height (mm) : 300mm~1200mm Forming parts: the whole set of feeding way: cutting tolerance: 1mm Surface treatment: spray, stainless steel wire drawing, polishing proofing cycle: 7 days remaining processing capacity: 1000 units processing cycle: 15 days maximum processing capacity: 5000 processing processes: cutting, welding applications: supermarkets, shopping malls, stations, airports, factories

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Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel Thickness(mm):
Specification(mm): 300mm~1200mm
Forming: A complete set of Craft: cutting Tolerance: 1mm
Finish: Spray, stainless steel wire drawing, polishing Sample Cycle: 7 days Residual Capacity: 1000
Process Cycle: 15 days Production Capacity: 5000    
Process: Cutting and welding
Application: Supermarkets, shopping malls, stations, airports, factories



Parameters: Sheet metal material: metal sheet metal thickness (mm) : 0.5-20mm Processing size/length * width * height (mm) : 1500*6000 Forming parts: feeding method: laser cutting tolerance: 0.05mm Surface treatment: proofing cycle: 1-3 days remaining processing capacity: processing cycle: 1-5 days maximum processing capacity: 1000t processing process: Application field:

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