What are the uses and techniques of sheet metal processing?

In daily life, people should observe and think about the most important things in daily life. Chimney, stainless steel barrel, gasoline barrel, ventilation pipe, elbow and other daily necessities are made of metal plate. Sheet metal is machined into various specifications and models of sheet metal. There have been many changes in our production, clothing, food, housing and transportation. This type of sheet metal working has a technical term in the manufacturing industry called sheet metal working.

Today, people first introduce sheet metal in detail. Sheet metal is a kind of steel crafts processing technology, belongs to cold processing technology, belongs to iron and steel processing manufacturing industry. According to the international definition of sheet metal, sheet metal is a relatively detailed cold working process of sheet metal, which is finally formed in accordance with the technological process of cutting, cutting and repairing. For example, when people walk down the street, they use a thick steel shell, that is, it is made according to the sheet metal process.

Next, we will introduce the processing characteristics of sheet metal processing in detail. Sheet metal is thin steel, so its weight is relatively light. Sheet metal processing is based on cold processing technology, so it has greater compressive strength and high hardness. In addition, sheet metal is steel, according to the current can have good conductivity. Compared with other steel processing methods, the price has a good cost performance.

Finally, only the scope of application of sheet metal processing products is described in detail. Sheet metal machining is widely used. Sheet metal processing is an automotive industry processing technology that produces electronics, electric power and other high-precision parts, promotes the development of communication industry, and manufactures automobile shell. In addition, it is also used in the production and processing of medical machinery. In other words, some of the very broad primary uses of sheet metal processing bring a lot of convenience to people's production, clothing, food, housing and transportation.

Sheet metal processing methods include: non-abrasive processing and abrasive processing. Despite their similar processing steps, they cannot escape the following situations:

1. The design department makes the photos of sheet metal processing workpiece according to the specified design scheme, and displays them one by one in 3D, so as to facilitate the processing unit and fully display the actual structure of sheet metal parts.

2. The hidden method of the published photos of the parts is very good. In fact, it can be divided into: shearing machine blanking, high-speed punching machine blanking, CNC machine blanking and so on;

3. Pay attention to its orientation when riveting. Sheet metal riveting can be carried out by high speed punch or hydraulic riveting machine.

4. Welding should be firm. When welding, a protruding point should be made on the welding surface to make contact with the tablet surface. Welding time and working pressure should be guaranteed.

5. Sheet metal forming: The key is to bend sheet metal rahim. The key is that the processing sequence of sheet metal bending is from inside to outside from small to large.

6. Metal surface treatment: Recently, according to the requirements of the customer, the original film is coated on the surface of the metal plate to improve the adhesion of the paint. According to the actual operation of the fiber laser cutting automation technology, the sheet metal processing technology is further improved, and the intelligent practical operation is maintained. It not only saves the labor cost, but also further improves the productivity, increases the total amount of manufacturing, and plays an obvious role in the future development of sheet metal.

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