The status quo of China's sheet metal processing industry Rapid development of sheet metal processing

Sheet metal processing is a kind of metal processing technology, and usually refers to a comprehensive cold deformation processing technology for metal sheet, including shear, punch/cut/composite, folding, welding, riveting, splicing, molding, etc. during processing. The thickness of the metal sheet does not change. The metal processing technology corresponding to the sheet metal process includes casting, forging, machining, etc. The t
hickness of the metal of the product is usually inconsistent.
According to different processing methods, the sheet metal process is divided into manual sheet metal, stamping and CNC sheet metal. At present, hand-finished sheet metal is mainly concentrated in the fields of automobile repair, arts, advertisements, etc.; stamping sheet metal is applicable to product types with relatively single varieties, large production volumes, and relatively small structures, and is relatively stable; CNC sheet metal is suitable for small batches and varieties. Many, large size product categories.
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The history of the development of sheet metal technology can be described as a long history. Starting from the bronze ware and ironware in ancient times, people used various methods to smelt metal materials. With the upgrading of smelting technology, metal slats were gradually smelted and learned to use some. The tool processes these metal plate materials, which is the embryonic form of the sheet metal process. The history of modern sheet metal processing is not long. The application of stamping equipment and cold stamping dies in sheet metal processing and the popularization of CNC automation equipment are two milestones in the development of sheet metal technology. The former was born with stamping, while the latter gave birth to CNC. Gold.
Sheet metal processing industry chain analysis
Sheet metal processing products are used as basic structural parts and are often provided to downstream manufacturers in the form of intermediate products. Sheet metal processing upstream industries are mainly steel, aluminum, copper and other metal industries and machinery manufacturing industries. The downstream industries of sheet metal processing are relatively extensive, including almost all manufacturing industries, of which mainly include the electromechanical, communications, medical, aviation, military, and new energy industries.
China's sheet metal processing industry status analysis
1, research and development status
With the development of industrial manufacturing technology and electronic information technology, the technical requirements for sheet metal processing products have also been continuously improved. From 2011 to 2017, the number of patent applications in the Chinese sheet metal processing industry has increased year by year; in 2014, the number of industry patent applications reached the peak in recent years. In 2016, the number of patent applications in the Chinese sheet metal processing industry was 83, an increase of 6.4% year-on-year; in 2017, the number of patent applications in the Chinese sheet metal processing industry was 52.
With the global economic expansion and industrial adjustment, since the 1980s, global manufacturing has accelerated its transfer to emerging markets such as Asia and Latin America. At present, China has become an important base for world manufacturing. The rapid development of manufacturing industry and huge market capacity of industrial products have driven the development of the sheet metal processing industry in China. The market demand for sheet metal processing products in China is very strong. In 2011-2016, the market scale of China's sheet metal processing industry continued to expand; in 2016, the market scale of China's sheet metal processing industry reached 688.5 billion yuan.

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